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Written by George McGinn


This is a diagram that was generated by a computer program that shows the four of the five Lagrange points around the Earth. This program live written by someone else using a product that is now defunct called SmartBASIC. You’ll read my review of SmartBASIC in this and in one of the first few articles that will be published


Starting Monday and throughout next week (August 26 through the 31) the scope of this site will change. My original plans were to try and write for 4 to 6 blogs and with my disability that is an impossibility.

So after doing some soul-searching, as one of my websites will be mostly at technology and software website, I will be combining aspects of cosmology in space with computer science. The last 18 months I found myself doing a lot of reading, research, learning the new technology of the single board computers, re-learning bread morning that I learned in college (that was back when wire boards were used to program devices like printers, plotters, card readers and card printers etc.), and learning new programming languages, including perfecting the ability to create Apple apps for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads how long will it software for UNIX/LINUX, MAC/OS and Windows operating systems.

Front exterior of the game/trail camera that will be featured in an upcoming article on

I also learned how-to build and program these boards to run just about any kind of device you can conceive of. For example, an upcoming article that will appear on my will outline how you can build your own game/trail camera shown here.

And while it was somewhat easy for me to understand how all the different electronic components put together, I took my time to really understand why everything works the way it did, because my goal is to design my own circuitry, and there are companies that will Take either my bread board or a schematic of my wiring and produce chips for me.

I found a lot of companies that I can write about even that will do everything from 3-D CAD design to taking that design and either printing the components or using a press mold, as it is done for this game camera, and produce the pieces that you need for a fraction of the cost.  While many of these companies will be written up on my George website, they will also be important for designing components for astronomy, cosmology, physics, whether it be observational, experimental or theoretical.