Media Releases (Information for Journalists)

Media Releases (Information for Journalists)

The following pages are for the media, and if the event is televised over the Internet or on NASA’s TV, then the general public is allowed to watch.

However, only the media are allowed to attend or call in, and only the media is allowed to ask questions.

When I covered this beat for AHNMedia’s All Headline News, even just listening to the scientists talk get you a front row seat to what NASA, JPL, Gooddard, and any of the space, universities and research centers are working on, news of findings on scientific studies or new discoveries, or even future planning.

Now that I have gotten my other blog, working and collecting news automatically, I now have time to spend on this site.

This site also has a URL, but some of the images are so big, I am in the process of manually fixing them. Once that is done, I will announce the new home of Cosmology and Space Exploriation.

The press releases will be listed below and a link to the page will be displayed.


03/14/2017 – NASA Scientists to Discuss Findings on Mars and Pluto at Houston Area Conference

09/29/2016 – NASA Television to Provide Coverage of European – Mission Comet Touchdown

05/24/2016 – NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Available for Interviews Before Space Station Launch

05/21/2016 – NASA Televises, Hosts Events for Deployment of First Expandable Habitat onInternational Space Station

02/23/2016 – NASA, UN Announce Final Winner of #whyspacematters Photo Competition   

02/02/2016 – Bolden Speech Highlights “State of NASA” Events at Agency Centers Feb 9

01/28/2016 – NASA to Announce Science, Technology Missions for First Flight of Space Launch System

01/23/2016 – Media Invited to See NASA’s Orion Crew Module for its Journey to Mars

01/05/2016 – NASA TV to Air News Briefing on Upcoming Spacewalk

12/30/2015 – NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Next Tracking, Data Relay Satellite

10/27/2015 – NASA Administrator to Discuss Agency’s Journey to Mars at Center for American Progress

10/26/2015 – Space Station Crew Celebrates 15 Years of Human Space Exploration in Low-Earth Orbit (Media Event Scheduled for Nov. 10)